Friday, 9 July 2010


Current topic making me laugh ...

If you use flickr for whatever reason, whether you're an artist, photographer, illustrator or just fancy putting up your amateur photos from daily life online, you will know you can search for groups right? Type in any words and some groups which may be to your liking pop up. Pretty simple. I mostly belong to illustration groups because I do like to have a gander now and again at other peoples work when I'm bored. However, today I thought I'd type in 'Fine Art' because despite that being the primary point of my degree I don't belong to any fine art groups on flickr. What came up, was hardly any group to do with 'art' as it is, a wide range of disciplines, techniques and points of view ... oh no, what came up was a load of groups dedicated to 'fine art photography' each with complete and very, very serious rules as to what they class as 'fine art' photos over your ordinary photo.  This is my problem with photographers as opposed to other artists. They're very bloody serious. It was not merely a click of a button that produced that delightful shot but that very serious artists inner genius instead. It's absurd. Fine art encompasses so much, and in my opinion the boundary between fine art and any other design discipline is barely there anymore and if it is, it's flexible as hell. But photographers are always the ones who after taking some simple arty abstract shots, with a very posh and expensive camera, think that makes them a fine artist. It doesn't. Someone once told me at art school that it's not the way you do it, it's the concept behind it, and randomly shooting a camera at something and placing yourself above others and others work that maybe doesn't look as 'professional' as yours is so wrong.

Art is fuuunnnn. Enjoy it, stop taking moody shots of buildings and go and throw a bucket of paint at something.

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