Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Freja Beha

Firstly, I apologise to anyone reading this blog who's completely not into women's fashion at all and now thinks I'm an obsessive over it. I'm really not. It's just I have Vogue delivered every month and during my first time reading it (I go through at least twice) I tend to stay in a state of fashion love for around a week. Don't worry. It subsides.Freja Beha is on the cover of this months in the UK and if that wasn't brilliant enough, there's an article for all Freja lovers about her personality. 
I don't think the number of people who follow who models actually are and what they're like is small anymore. You can't just be a pretty face, you've got to have some style, some substance or some quality that makes you stand out above the rest. Frankly I think Freja obliterates the rest. There's something about her that makes her incredibly cool and almost enigmatic. I don't think it's just the way she looks or her catwalk presence either.  She epitomises androgyny being both naturally pretty and having a tomboyish charm to her and her laid back Alexander Wang, Balenciaga et al style is basically everything I love about fashion and strive to look like. 
 She's got sixteen tattoos to date and none of them are hideously over bearing or detract from her looks at all. All looking delicate, the one I specifically love the most being 'float' written on her neck.  Reviving my love for her in this article was mainly down to the quotes cited from her. She explains clubbing isn't really her thing, she writes her own lyrics, collects guitars and is naturally creative. She went on to say what she mainly wants to spend her money on is, 'strippers, cars and guitars.' Tongue in cheek but witty all the same.  I genuinely think she's as fantastic as her wardrobe and I've never pined for a model before.

Apparently a lesbian too. Jus' sayin'...

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