Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hussein Chalayan

I defy anyone to dislike the work of Hussein Chalayan. His haute couture is otherworldly and pretty much unparalleled. Completely impractical of course, you won't spot a woman walking through your local town in a Chalayan knock off of the bubble dress per say, but you'll probably catch her admiring it in magazines and wishing she had the sheer guts to stick her finger up at everyone and go to the supermarket dressed in bubbles a la Lady Gaga. Probably more akin to fine art than wearable ready to wear clothing, his designs blur the boundaries of what most people consider to be art and fashion and reinforce the fact that despite how many 'little black dresses' we own, we still need a bit of  whimsical madness injected into our lives now and again. You can get your dose at the Lisson Gallery from September to October.

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