Sunday, 5 September 2010


I'm pretty much an obsessive collector or hoarder, whether it be tangible objects or folders upon folders of images from trawling through too many corners of the Internet. These are some of the things I've been fawning over this month so far.

A hotel with 9 hour stay capsules in (of course) Japan. This kind of thing is what I'd expect to see in a science fiction novel and it baffles me that it exists. I wonder if they're actually comfortable because they do look like a cocoon of loveliness. On the other hand they resemble a posh version of a chamber for mentalists though so maybe I'm wrong.

Jamie Bochert. I just came across her in last months Vogue and have suitably added her to my collection of female fashion icons. She looks unbelievably cool and I love her face. I'm a great fan of exaggerated facial features and I'm not overly impressed with the sheer volume of models these days who look exactly the same with the same tiny face and same tiny features.

When planning out things lately, I decided that what I ultimately want to do, is have my own cake shop. Mainly to be able to make custom made cakes and sugar and chocolate art/sculptures. Then I came across this cafe on the Daily Icon website.  And whilst this isn't what I'd have myself, look how cool those cakes look in the squares! An amazing way to be practical. Better than shelving anyday.

Brutalist Architecture. I didn't even know this existed which shows how inferior my architecture knowledge is, I suggest you google it for more information because I only know the basics but apparently it emerged from Modernism, which probably explains why I like it. It was also coined by Le Corbusier, whose work I absolutely adore. It reminds me of the kind of poured concrete buildings everyone ignores or thinks looks ugly. But I really like the simplicity and I guess 'brutal' look of them.


Over the top headpieces and designs. I mainly started looking at things like this because the detail is what improves my illustrations and I'm trying to strive to make smaller details in each new one. A complete opposite to the brutalist buildings I know, but still so beautiful. 

To follow I've just put a selection of the houses I've been admiring, as always.

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Josh Draper said...

Hi. Do you know the designer and building/project for the "dune tile" above?