Thursday, 2 September 2010


I've been rubbish at posting lately. I'll post some more things later on, I think, since I have nothing to do but to draw today. All I'll quickly say is, Yatzer is back up and running which has made me very happy, so go and take a look, it's an art and design (etc.) website/blog and it's good if you're into any art, architecture, product design, or anything like that. Also, I just made a 5oup profile, which is a 'community for emerging artists' and there are some really talented people on there so if anyone is bored, I'd take a gander at that too. They put my work/profile on the home page for a week too, which is just loveeeeely.

Anyway, I'll try to stop being so delinquent with posting. I still have too much to say, I promise.

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