Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Under the weather

I don't feel particularly well so if someone wanted to deliver me some chocolate to perk me up, that would go down a treat. Other wise, I'm currently alternating between reading two books, (they're all I have and I can't 'not' read anything even though I don't really like either) one of them is set in Bombay and the other in England, it's making for head work to try and switch between the two. I also finished two drawings earlier too. They took longer than anticipated despite looking quite simple. I think this week it's come to the point where 80 percent of my time is spent drawing, 15 percent is spent drinking tea, and the other 5  is spent sleeping and socialising.  I'm really not sure if that's my perfect life or whether I need to stop being an owl.  I do know that if I don't get this job from my interview on Saturday, I'm going to start daily moping because I have no routine. School beats routine into you, and when you leave, it's very weird to not be doing anything. I don't know how some people can never want a job. Insanity.

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