Thursday, 17 February 2011


I have ohhhh so many drawings finished and can't finish them due to having no Photoshop on my laptop and  no Internet connection at home to download anything anyway, so a massive sigh is needed because its making me feel rather redundant. Howeverrrrrr perkiness must prevail.
As I'm writing this, a old man in the library is singing to himself by the bookcases. Possibly the most annoying thing in the world.
Anyway, point is, I haven't looked at any of my favourite art blogs, websites etc so I did today and this image by Bertrand Fevre took my fancy. It's a porcelain sculpture. So amazing.

Also, this image from, which is a project by Antrepo, I thought was pretty marvellous. Simplicity is good. So is nutella.

I'm also stuck with that Sweet Sensation song in my head. I can't even remember who it's by but it's infectious.

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