Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mariele Neudecker

During my third year of university, last year, a lot of my time was spent researching artists for journals, for inspiration, and of course because you have to have some sort of tangible proof to your lecturers that your work has context and place and that you aren't just making things for the sake of it. 
At that time the work I was producing was all about fantasy world, ideas of utopias, dystopias and heterotopias, therefore many of my pieces were based around landscapes, the feeling of belonging in a place, feeling out of place or feeling overwhelmed by somewhere. I used a lot of romanticist paintings  as a reference to create the feeling of awe, but also used a lot of more contemporary artists as inspiration, particularly for technical processes, and also I guess to find someone obviously interested in the same themes as myself.
One of the artists work that I loved the most was Mauriele Neudecker. She's most well known for her landscapes in glass vitrines and cases which to me look terribly romantic and almost give you the same feeling as a Caspar David-Friedrich painting - a sense of awe and beauty of surroundings. These are some of my favourites.

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