Saturday, 1 October 2011

Flamingo Magazine

Yesterday the lovely people over at Flamingo Magazine sent me their second issue and it is paaaaacked with illustration loveliness, photos and witty articles. 

When I opened it to read, one of the first images I saw was an illustration of Ai WeiWei by Shaun Lynch and I love Ai WeiWei, he's one of my favourite artists, both aesthetically in that I think his works are beautiful, but also politically because he literally has to fight for his right to speak and make art. Something we probably take for granted over in the UK. So, in my eyes, the magazine was off to a good start.
I'm not going to sit here and tell you everything in the issue (mainly because I think you should all go and buy it) but I particularly loved the article on Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy and her take on the way women are viewed, Dan Edelstyn's tale of vodka making and Russian history along with more cute articles like Maggie Li's illustrated map  of stalking people you don't know and the Stuff and Things page.
Also if you ever want to learn how to make Mojito Cupcakes and Dream Machines then they somehow have all the information inside on how to do so too (I'm totally going to make those cupcakes). On a little side note, my favourite drawings were Emma Brown's 'pedigree chums'. Amazing textures and an adorable outcome.
You can find more cool stuff on their website or follow them on twitter like me to keep updated.

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