Sunday, 27 November 2011

Jewellery by Gisele Ganne

I'm a pretty easily excitable kind of person. Anything I think is good, is usually followed by screams of excitement and enough smiling to cause my cheeks to hurt, but Gisele Ganne's jewellery just surpassed those actions and went straight into the realm of complete freaking out. Her jewellery is absolutely gorgeous. 
All the collections and pieces are amazingly titled things like  'Divorce Jewellery', 'The Black Widow', 'Mourning Jewellery' and the most recent, 'The New Amazon', featuring pieces called 'Dances With Wolves' and 'La Gazza Ladra'.
Gisele favours themes such as death and divorce following her love of the Victorian tradition of wearing mourning or memorial jewellery to mark the death of someone. I particularly love that her jewellery is at odds with the tradition that all jewellery is celebratory and instead brings something macabre but suitably exquisite  into the world of jewels.
I'm head over heals with everything. EVERYTHING. 

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Ayana said...

Oh my God! These accessories look so weird, but they are kind of interesting!