Monday, 5 December 2011

Loves & Lusts

1. This handmade velvet peter pan collar with velvet bows and lace from Little Fille is so beautiful. I think it's just such a better investment to buy a collar and different style dresses to mix and match.
2. Feather skirt from Lipsy. This is texturally amazing, a good alternative to sequins or glitter for Christmas time.
3. I love pearls and silver so this gorgeous little ring from is perfect. It's also a perfectly small £21. Lovely stuff.
4. Lace trim playsuit from Miss Selfridge
5. I know it's ridiculously expensive, but anything made by Chloe  looks like something I've dreamt up. The Rachel bow, cross body bag and this leather bangle are too pretty. A combined price of £1,015 is a littleeeee to pricey though, even for Christmas.
6. These white and black loafers from Topshop remind me of some posh gentleman's posh slippers made shiny and feminine. Love them.

1 comment:

Betty Leopard said...

Another gorgeous selection my dear.
Love Little Fille and that collar is gorgeous. Keep meaning to make my own but probably won't get round to it, so may have to head over there and pick one up instead.