Thursday, 12 January 2012


I'm the kind of girl that changes what she wants every five minutes. Every day I say I want  or 'need' something (I never do) and then forget about it the next time something pretty comes along. I've always been like it. Eyes of a magpie. I also hardly ever treat things with the respect they deserve. If I own an expensive phone, jacket, pair of shoes, anything, I'll treat it the same as something that could cost me five pounds, so I'm not sure, if I had the money to get everything on this wishlist, that it would be treated with the love and care it deserves ... saying that, right now, I covet everything on here.
Two things that never change about me though, is my love of black and nude colours therefore it's quite fitting that my wishlist basically comprises of luxe, silky, girly things, with a harsh black edge.  Also, I don't think I've worn a bikini for years, but if owned that Miu Miu one, I would wear it anywhere I could (round the house probably - no where in britain calls for a bikini). 

One, Gucci Leather jacket £2,520 Two, Alexa sequinned tulle dress by Christopher Kane £3,985 Three, Fitted Black Racerback dress with breastplate from Alexander Wang $985 Four, Miu Miu dress £1,180 Five, Miu Miu bikini £250 Six, Stella Mccartney studded ankle boots £515 Seven, Alexander McQueen swarovski crystal embellished skull bracelet £275 Eight, Stella Mccartney playsuit £115

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MJC *-* said...

Hey thank you! And I see you're an illustrator too. Nice stuff (the catmask illustration is so cool)

I go for the bikini.....and the shoes!