Monday, 9 April 2012

Anne Sofie Madsen

I feel like I haven't written anything on here for absolutely ages due to a constant stream of moving house, starting work, working too often, being too tired and not having the internet at home. Everything's settled down a bit more now so maybe I'll pay a little more attention to posting. I thought I'd start with some beautiful things I've come across recently, one of which is the work of Anne Sofie Madsen. I first saw her clothing line, and hadn't realised she's a really talented illustrator as well. Some of her hand drawn images are printed on to silk t-shirts and dresses (shown above) which show images inspired by a Japanese animation film called Princess Mononoke. I'm a huge fan of white, grey and washed out pale pinks and blues, which seem to be a common theme in her work and I'm completely in awe of how talented one person can be at drawing and designing clothes.

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