Monday, 23 April 2012

Chains, Bones & Pearls

I have the uncanny ability to pick the most expensive piece of jewellery in front of me as a favourite every single time so the pieces I've picked here are complete dreamy, wishlist, want-but-can't-have kind of things - Except maybe the collar tips which aren't so extravagant. 

From top to bottom, L to R.

Cocktail Ring by Jessica de Lotz - I suggest visiting the website to buy this ring to see it from different points of view and on a hand to see just how amazing it is. Each ring is custom made and you can choose between silver, rose gold, or yellow gold (I'd choose silver). You can also choose which stones you'd like set in it so yours can feel more personal to you. Loveeeee it. 
Horus  Egyptian 14k Gold Pearl Ring - This ring is meant to be a modern take on the iconography of Egyptian God, Horus, and even though I'm not usually a fan of wearing gold, pearls to me are as beautiful as any gem and the shape of the ring is completely unique. 
Glass Splinter - Rose goldplated metal and glass make this necklace beautifully minimal. Gorgeous and understated.
Labradorite Earrings by Lucy Hutchings - Labradorite is one of my favourite stones and I love how these ones look caged and graphic. They're also by a British designer and only £95, which I think is a pretty good price!
Collar Tips by sister duo Litter - I know collar tips are popular and boring now but I think these are lovely ones and added to the right white shirt, would make brilliant jewellery.
Chain Ring (by Litter, again) - I really love rings with chains to other rings, ear cuffs with chains to lower studs and this piece is a great example of this.
Silver Bone Bangle by Erin Wasson - I love Erin Wasson's aesthetic as a model, especially when off duty, she oozes cool, and her jewellery mimics that. This bone bangle is my favourite along with spindly crucifixes also in her range.

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