Thursday, 7 June 2012


I'm a huge fan of modern homes and love anything with a minimal aesthetic. The contrast of light and dark in the Nakahouse (first photo) is beautiful, and as a 1960's remodel, the architects have cleverly managed to maintain the original building, whilst making the most of the down sloping property. It's definitely one of my favourite buildings in the last few years, XTEN Architects are amazing. Similarly, I love the contrast between the white of the snow and wood in the  second house I've shown. The third, Xieira House II, has wonderful curves, and although I'd probably worry about the lack of light, I think as an abstract shape, it really works. Lastly I love homes that are simply shaped around courtyards or communal areas. This particular building was made as a home for the elderly which is a brilliant, social idea and doesn't impact on the beautiful landscape very much.

(Nakahouse photo by Steve King,  second home by Imbue Design, Xieira House II/ A2 Arquitectos, fourth home, Atelier Carvalho Ara├║jo  // Images from Arch Daily.)

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