Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Books, Books, Books

I'm trying to fill out this blog thing a bit very quickly because it's looking a bit bare, so I just got in and thought I'd post some of my book before I go and do some drawing/something constructive.
The book was like the end product of my whole project which was trying to document a fictional place as though it exists. It's meant to be some lost place in cyberspace (it was initially based on a planet, but then I decided that's too set/literal.) I made creatures, insects and machinery that are all part of the location, and  made sketches of machines that remind you of Earth, for instance a room dedicated to transforming into the coast/countryside/whatever makes you happy. A lot of it was based on Foucault's heterotopias rather than a utopia. There's a lot that I would change, for instance I'd have more writing in it, but since my degree was practice art based, images are important and I couldn't really justify using text as conceptual art. 
I'm really interested in pop up books, illustration and writing short stories, despite none of this being part of my degree so I guess this was/is a starting point for trying out all the things I like doing. My problem is I like doing too many different things and I get distracted and move on to the next one before finishing the first. This, however, was one that actually got finished. All the illustrations in it are either digitally made, hand collaged and drawn over, photographs of sets I made specific for the project, or my own writing. There's a lot that didn't make it into the book.

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