Thursday, 1 July 2010

Twitter Insomnia

Twitter is basically pointless for me. I don't update it with witty little lines about what I'm doing that day, and I doubt anyone that follows me cares anyway. But I use it to rant every now and then, or talk to a few people I know/get fashion gossip or follow some galleries. It's quite useful for that, but anyway, for me to use, kind of pointless. 
I noticed I had two more followers this morning so I clicked to look at who they were. The first being 'adultsexygifts', can't imagine why they followed me, it's not like I tweet about sex or anything remotely in that sphere of thinking. But the second follower was something about sleeping, so I took a look at their website. It is, in their own words 'a place for sleepless people to submit weird posts.' If you take a look at it here you can see long lists of things people post when they can't sleep, which I guess is cathartic if there's something troubling you. Anyway, I thought that was a beautiful idea, especially since I can't remember the last time I didn't feel tired. However, to be fair, the amount of stories on there that are sad, or anxious or depressed is amazing. Probably because just before you sleep, in that absurd place of conscious and unconscious is more than likely when all your real thoughts and worries stand out against all the other paraphernalia rolling around in your brain. I can imagine everyone lying there trying to bring out their own inner Freud, haha, trying to make your unconscious, conscious. Although why you'd want to bring 'a chaos, a cauldron of seething excitement' to the surface is beyond me. Everyone has enough trouble without trying to extract anymore.

*The quote about the ego/id part of the unconscious can be found in any text about Freud. This makes it simple to understand. 

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