Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Modernism & Dream Homes

Basically, I've had a few conversations of late regarding the idea of perfect homes. I used to think that where you came from portrayed the kind of home you'd want to live in, and whilst I still think where you come from obviously has a direct impact, in that you're either trying to mimic a style or feeling, or get away from it, I do think that there's so many other factors people pick up on that end up culminating into what they'd desire for their own home.  When I was in my early teens and I first fell in love with all those new property and design shows on TV, and when I realised I loved drawing landscapes much more than I did anything figurative, I started to research and read about architecture.  Now it's a huge passion and had it not been for my absolutely atrocious mathematics capabilities, I would much love to have been an architect.
I think I first came across Zaha Hadid in Vogue magazine. Like I've explained to countless friends (and my mum) Vogue doesn't just have pages of pretty girls in advertisements, but has really good, albeit short sections on design and art. Anyway, as soon as I saw her work I literally fell in love with the woman. I find her one of the best role models for women, if anything because she's in such a male dominated career sector, but mainly and mostly, because her designs are bloody beautiful.
 Above is the Maxxi: National Museum of xxi Century Arts. Which, seriously, if you don't think that's some seriously sexy building, then I don't quite know what is. Her work is obviously inherently sleek and modern and much like the aesthetic (on a smaller scale) I'd want for my own home. It's one of my main ambitions in life to help design and build my own home and although I don't want it to be huge, I definitely am in mine of some large, minimalist white cube.  My love for Bauhaus design and Modernism is practically a blueprint for what I'd want. As is this book cover and Thomas Bendel design below.
I'm well aware that some people might think concrete and white blocks have no soul, but basically, when everyone else is harping back to other time periods and making Mock Georgian or Mock Tudor homes, which are a far cry from what the originals were (double glazing and plastic windowsills are going to spoil the look, no?) then I'd rather my own combination of modern and minimalism any day.

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