Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Well Hello Beauties

Well, I figured I should introduce myself, right? I'm Natasha and I'm pretty much a fan of any kind of blogging, writing or diary keeping so I thought I might as well get one of these too. Plus, it's another page to add to my website which you can look at right here. I'm a fan of extremely short shorts as the above photo depicts (though my hair is currently light brown and highlighted, not black like that as of a week ago) but I have an excuse for sporting them since it is exceedingly hot in Wales for once. My pasty Welsh skin can't take it, I've taken to using sun cream meant for my 5 and a half month old nephew (it's okay, he's cool with me borrowing it ;))
I can imagine I have all these intentions of using this blog to gather inspirations like a scrapbook and share little bits and pieces about my own art work, but the best laid plans usually end up less than coherent when it comes to me, so I'll bet this will all blend into non constructive musings and rants about daily life.My thoughts and myself are extremely elusive and sporadic quite unintentionally so apologies in advance.

spo·rad·ic (sp -r d k, spĂ´-) also spo·rad·i·cal (- -k l). adj. 1. Occurring at irregular intervals; having no pattern or order in time. ...