Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Application Forms

Why am I so utterly rubbish at filling them out? I think I must be too overly descriptive and not get to the point succinctly. That is always my downfall. Damn rambling. I turned my computer on this morning to find an email from a woman from my university telling me to amend my covering letter before she sends it on. Oh, and also, would you like CV advice from a careers advisor because you need help with that too. Haha.
Unless it's academic. 

If you're creative you have to use both sides of your brain all the time. Constantly switching and trying to turn on this creative filter that is supposed to spark some kind of wonderful artistic inspiration, and then convert back to the side of your brain that functions for non-creative, serious, business esque things. I can't dea l with it! Clearly my brain is flawed. I think I'm destined to be a mad cat lady who lives alone in a tiny house, drinking tea, painting pictures of other worlds.

I need to perk up.

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