Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Who's on page 76 of Vogue magazine this month? Ohhh, that's right, Nick Cave's wife of ten years, and she's stunning. Damn it. And why is she in there you ask? Oh well, she's only gone and collaborated with Bella Freud to make a capsule Winter 2010 collection hasn't she? Bella Freud being the daughter of  Lucian Freud, aka my teenage years obsession, man who when I saw his paintings in real life genuinely thought I was going to cry ... and who's she being photographed by? Well only Sam Taylor Wood, as in artist/director who's engaged to the utterly beautiful star of Nowhere Boy, Aaron Johnson, who basically is looks wise one of my perfect men.

God, these women. They have everything. Damn them

I still utterly adore them despite this. Sigh. 

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