Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I Write Like ...

On twitter a lovely young man called Gareth started following me recently, and we talked a little about books and what not, so this morning, when I realised I hadn't posted anything for about 4days I thought I'd have a gander at what everyone was talking about. I noticed he had a link to 'I write like...' where you post in little bits of your stories or blog or something you've written and it tries to indicate a famous writer that your style is most akin to. I thought I'd paste something in and realised that on my little netbook/laptop the only writing I have on here is academic or blog writing. So I thought the blog words would be more personal and pasted them in.
Apparently I write like Canadian author, poet, critic, essayist, feminist and social campaigner,Margaret Atwood, who I'd never even heard of prior to this (is that very bad?) So I googled her, obviously. She's noted for her feminist and mythological themes and that some of her novels are classed as science fiction. Amazing! That is quite spot on about what I write about and even most of my art work. I think the 'I write like...' machine is pretty wonderful now, so expect some blog posts about Margaret Atwood's work after I read some more.

Unless I detest it, in which I will take all this back ;)

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