Sunday, 11 July 2010


I spent my day yesterday scanning things in. The scanner is a God send. I'm constantly making pictures, printing them, working on top of the print out, scan back in, over and over. It's a really fun way to work. The light goes through some things though so the scanner won't pick it up. It's best to put a black cover over whatever you're scanning (I use a sketchbook cover) because my scanner only has a white background.

Draw, scan, cut, scan flowers, cut, duplicate x100 (+) cut, move, merge, done.
(Every time I typed 'cut' then I wrote 'cute' by accident. For the record, I also can't type the word 'calm' without typing 'clam' first. Problems.)

There are more on my flickr too. There are also odd, dislocated scans of my own, Rayleigh's and Rowans hands which are lovely (I don't suggest putting your hands all over your scanner though, fingerprints are hard to get off, haha.)

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