Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bjork 'Crystalline' and Michel Gondry

I just had to quickly post this before I drive back to Wales in a little while, because I've just seen (and utterly fallen in love with) the new song and video for Bjork's new song Crystalline, from the new album Biophilia. The film was directed by Michel Gondry who is more than a dab hand at making absolutely incredible hand made sets. Some of my favourite of these sets came from the film The Science of Sleep, which if none of you have seen, I would suggest you go out and buy right this minute. Trust me, flying horses, toilet roll cities and giant papier mache hands - it's awesome. Back to the point though, you can tell Gondry directed this video, because it's quite beautiful, and a little odd, which is typical, and the song is quite brilliant and catchy too. 
Catchy sci-fi madness.

The Science of Sleep

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