Thursday, 28 July 2011

Skirts & Books

So, the best man I know in the world, my one year old nephew, Rowan left after staying with us for a little while, today, which is sad, because he's hilarious, but also helpful, in that now I could try on my new skirt and not have it smothered in chocolate in 0.5 seconds. That's a true story, I literally bought a sweet polka dot dress last time, put it on and bam, chocolate hands all of the collar of it, that wouldn't come out in the wash. It's lucky he's so cute.
The skirt is kind of cute and a bit different because I don't usually wear long skirts, being 5'5 means long things can tend to make you look shorter, but this  belted one I think looks pretty alright. I also got little brogues which I've wanted for ageeees. These aren't the perfect ones. I like two tone black and one and these are a kind of nude colour, but they have ribbons to do them up so, swayed. I've also just started reading Captain Corelli's Mandolin. I'm sure it's a classic and I should have read it years ago but there's so many things I haven't read. I've barely started but it seems fairly good so far. I'm very picky and judgemental with books. I try my best not to be, but the critic comes out. I like to finish books even if I think they're awful though, it's almost like an 'I will conquer you' kind of thing. Must be finished. 
I really need to buy some heavy weight paper and new pencils because I think sticking to generic paper isn't working as well anymore, or I'm getting more particular. Probably the latter. Everytime I come online I come across someone who I think can draw better or has a better style, so I'm determined to get better. Also need some new board and paints, but I think I'll have to leave that till I have the space!

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