Saturday, 23 July 2011

Jacques Henri Lartigue

My knowledge of photographers compared to my knowledge of fine artists, is severely lacking. Probably because when I studied the history of art, (from a Western viewpoint, obviously) we didn't study many photographers and if we did they were more likely to be fine artists who used photography to aid their work, or as one of the many branches of visual art that they practised. Anyway, what I mean is, this might go some way to explain why I'd never heard of Jacques Henri Lartigue before. I came across his photographs yesterday, when I was just randomly wandering around the Internet before bed, and I thought his photographs were stunning. I then proceeded to want and try to buy a book/collection of his photographs, which turned out to be around 200 pounds, so, er, that'll be saved for begging for it for a Christmas present I think.
Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894 - 1986) was a French painter and photographer, who, if I'm right, mainly photographed motorcars and lovely Parisian ladies. I think his photographs have a sense of being classic, while still showing lots of fun, playfulness and movement, so have a gander.

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