Monday, 25 July 2011

Jewel Jewel Jewelllssssss.

Girls love it, we do. It doesn't even have to be a great diamond ring or a promise of Tiffanys anymore, I genuinely get more excited about fun costume jewellery. Since I wear a lot of of dark colours, (my sister  dubbed me as 'Auntie Goth' to my nephew) I usually end up spending more money on jewellery and handbags to make them look different then I do buying lots of different dresses or something. LBD with accessories works everrryyy time. 
I don't tend to buy jewellery online, and Tatty Devine was one of the only brands that made buying some online worthwhile because you can get such quirky pieces, but the other day I came across one brilliant accessories shop that led me to another.
The first is Temporary : Secretary which is an independent boutique that sells the cuteeeest things ever. They sell more than jewellery too, with other little trinkets like lip balms and stationary so there's definitely a lot of choice. They also have a blog which is good to have a gander at too and a twitter!. These are a few of my favourites, including a swan cameo necklace, an antique brass owl necklace (I love owls), an Alice In Wonderland bracelet and cameo heart studs.

The second lovely store I found via twitter when they started following me earlier, called This Charming Girl
I assume and hope this is a reference to The Smiths song, which is quite lovely. 
They sell handmade vintage and contemporary jewellery but all my favourite things are the ones that look quite vintage. Specifically the necklaces because you could wear a few at once as the look matchable.
You can follow them on twitter for some more info and updates too.
Here are some of my favourites. I think the binoculars in particular are gorgeous.

So that's my swoooooning done for today. All that's left is to decide which ones to get! 

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