Monday, 1 August 2011

Freja Beha & Accessories

So, this is going to be issue one of posting things I am madly in love with on one specific day. Note, my taste in everything changes daily due to an intrinsic indecisive nature and wildly veering moods, so expect no theme to be found, with the exception of the overly girly, beauty and art orientated things. 

Firstly in love with ANYTHING lace. Anything. Lace dresses, lace screenprints on t-shirts, your grandmothers lace tea cloths for the dinner table. All of it. I'm currently trying to do a small series of drawings of lace, which is turning out to be harder than first thought because of all the intricate details.
Secondly, I'm lusting after one of Barry M's new products. I'm pretty much in love with the lipsticks and nail varnishes by Barry M, but I've never used any of the other products. This one, however, sways me totally. It looks like the kind of marker I'd draw with, but used on your eyes! Sounds like a marvellous antidote to trying to wrangle with dainty eyeliner brushes.
Then there's the cats eye glasses I'm loving lately, to the point where I decided to order some, from the US. They haven't come yet, but it's only been four days, so I think I should wait a little longer before I send an angry email right?
This week I also tried the new VO5 hairspray. Mainly, it was on offer and the bottle was all dancing in front of me, pink and pretty, so I decided to give it a try to see if it was up to the job that my usual Tresemme hairspray is up to. I use a LOT of hairspray, so it's one of my basic staples. I bought the Volume version of the Vo5 spray, and to be fair it's actually quite good. I hate cheaper hairsprays that stick in your hair or even worse, make it hard, but this brushes out really easily and gives a really light hold. 
The last two loves are a Nails Inc varnish that I think is perfect as the summer is rolling out into Autumn, because it's not too bright, but isn't ready to commit to dark dreary days yet, and of course, September's Vogue. It came out today and I don't have it yet but one of my favourite models, Freja Beha is on it, so, if you need me, I'll be walking to the nearest store to get it.

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