Friday, 5 August 2011

Iris Van Herpen

I've been ever so slightly busy lately since I had  seven hours travel down to the South of England and next week I'll be travelling to Brighton for flat viewings and interviews, so I've not had time to blog. Therefore I thought, when I do have a spare few I'll tell you all about some of the designers influencing my drawings lately. 
Todays designer is Iris Van Herpen. Visit her website. It's amazing.
She rather reminds me of Hussein Chalayan in that her aesthetic seems not to be concerned with the practical needs of a modern woman, but more about completely unpractical but wearable art. Her work has structure and the kind of technical skills you'd expect  in designing furniture rather than clothes.  The materials she uses allow her to create almost futuristic clothes, which is pretty much echoed in her colour themes; lots of black and white, shiny and metallic, dark and luxe. And the titles of her collections, like, 'Radiation Invasion', Chemical Crows' and 'Fragile Futurity' portray the 'futuristic digital technology' theme that flows through her work.
Love her!

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