Monday, 15 August 2011

Things I Love This Week

1, Firstly loving the Autumn/Winter Chanel adverts with Freja Beha playing around in a Photobooth. Dressed as a cat, styled with a Chanel mask on, or my favourite, pouting into a mirror, hair flowing and flower filled, she can't do much wrong in my eyes.
2, Want/love/must find a Cocoon Coat. Just listen to the name, 'cocoon', who doesn't want to be wrapped up in one and emerge all chrysalis like in what's underneath? Also, one can eat as many pies as one likes (the path to 'festively plump') and it can all be concealed under the pretty coat. Marvellous idea. I'll be wearing the Yves St Laurent one above in my dreams.
3, Glass Cloches. Basically a bell jar, you can put anything inside them, cupcakes or biscuits in the kitchen, dried flowers in the living room, or if you're feeling experimental, a little world made of out flora and fauna can make your own home made art piece. Since I can't find vintage ones, this one from Urban Outfitters would do. 
4, Submarine, the film. Directed by Richard Ayoade (apparently good in the IT Crowd, though I haven't seen it.) This is a film based in Wales about a 15 year old named Oliver Tate. I initially wanted to buy the book, but didn't since my list of books I want is a million times as long as my arm, so watched the film this week instead. It's a slow film, not much happens except  the portrayal of the inner turmoil of poor confused Tate, but it's a sweet film, and very real. Nothing is glossed over, and I liked that.
5, The fifth is a cute little owl print by illustrator Ashley Percival that I found whilst browsing Etsy the other day. The detail in all of the owl prints are beautiful.
6, Jewellery by Aude Lechere. Stunning and probably hideously expensive, but the rings are like beautiful little found acorns, and even though they're colourful, still look delicate and not too much.
7, Vera Wang, Lovestruck perfume. I usually wear Floral by Paul Smith, I'm a light, flowery, breezy kind of girl, none of this heavy musky reminds-me-of-older-richer-ladies type scents, and Lovestruck is similar to Floral. 
8, Enchanted Buck Measuring Cup. I came across this on Pinterest which I joined recently. I like the gold and the white, and the whole website is full of brilliant interior design pictures which is great if you're like me and love decorating. If you have an account and want to follow me, I'm under geeksdigme, as always. 

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