Friday, 26 August 2011

CEW Awards & Latest In Beauty

Hello lovelies,
Scott is currently traversing the tube and  trains home to Somerset and I'm back up North so my complete neglect of my blog, twitter and all my other fond Internet things is now over and business will resume as normal for a little while. By business I obviously mean endless chatter and the posting of pretty things of course.
I've nearly finished an illustration of some Mary Katrantzou's 2011 clothes but I'll wait to post it when I've finished the colour properly. Instead I'm going to post about Latest in Beauty, a site which allows your to 'try before you buy', which is basically amazing for someone like me who has expensive taste in everything, a magpie like eye for shiny new things and no endless budget to keep buying and throwing away products that don't work for me. Instead they send you samples of both low priced and extremely high priced things in a little box for a little sum that means you can try an elusive £100 face cream for a fiver before you buy it and realise it might be good for everyone else, but not for you, and since everyone's different, you can't really tell how  a product will affect you just by looking at a glossy ad.
Recently Latest in Beauty  created a box full of winning products from the Cosmetic Executive Women Awards (click the name for more information about what they do) therefore that was the lovely box that was found on my doorstep a couple of days ago. 

The Beauty Awards came to the UK in 2006 and aim to recognise innovation and creativity in beauty products and all the winners are voted for by members of CEW which are a panel of women who work in the beauty industry so I felt you can pretty much trust them to know what's good and what's not.  All the objects in the box won an award, my main excitement directed to the Clarins Skin Cream, which is meant to target early wrinkles. Not that I have wrinkles in my 20's (Thank God) but because I love their products and since they are fairly expensive, testers are a really great way of seeing if the cream is right for you. There was also a Lanolips moisturiser for soft lips, Batiste Original Dry Shampoo for those days where you can't be bothered or don't have time to do your hair, Balance Me Rose Body Wash and Dr. Organic Rose Skin Lotion. There was also Nivea skin gel for men in there but since I'm not a guy I gave that to Scott.
I've not had time to try them all yet but I will no doubt be letting all the girls know what I think of them, especially because I'm one of those ridiculously sensitive skinned people, allergic to goodness knows what with a face that blushes rudolph red any time something new touches it, so if it works for me, it's bound to work for others.

Also, we've a new kitten in the household and he's so cute that I'll take and upload some photos soon, and here's a photo of a gift I got, a little owl money box and some daisies from a field where I'm living. Sweet!

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