Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mariko Mori

Japanese video/photo artist and complete sci-fi  esque cybergeisha Mariko Mori has influenced me for quite a few years now. She mixes science fiction with Eastern mythology and technically uses lots of interesting digital techniques to create layered non existent worlds of her own creation. 
Aside from the fact that visually her pieces are surreal and beautiful, they all hold deeper meanings about connection with one another through exploring other identities. Apparently she's planning a 'futuristic island earthwork' where she plans to build a solar monument on Miyako island where the sun will shine on two sculptures, the 'Sun Pillar' and the 'Moon Rock'.
I loved the way she described the work, sounds beautiful.
“I believe that people will reconnect with the rhythm of the sun, the moon, and the sea while experiencing this work and become one with the universe of the mind that exists inside every human being."

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