Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Handbag Project

I briefly mentioned The Handbag Project in an earlier post and here I’ve finished the icon/logo for the whole project (it’s a Ralph Lauren bag by the way). I have a bit of a handbag obsession (alongside jewellery and accessories) so for me this project is basically an excuse to draw pretty girls and handbags. Can’t argue with that, right? I’m currently in the process of starting the first image and I’ll slowly but surely be getting in contact with girls (or guys!) I think might like to take part. I’ll be keeping the logo in my sidebar, underneath my main profile information on my blog so if you’d like to take part, just look for the image and my contact email beside it to send me an email. 
Basically  all I want to do is create illustrations based around your favourite handbag and what you carry inside it. Each image will incorporate a portrait of each person, the handbag and some possessions so each drawing will be personal to the person involved. This is an ongoing project which I hope to make into a book at some point so if anyone would like me to draw them as part of the project, just email!

Natasha x 


fake handbags said...

I love the design of your handbag... Is it already in production?

Natasha Nicole said...

It's Ralph Lauren and I drew it from a recent UK advert for Autumn/Winter 2011 so it must be in production.