Thursday, 6 October 2011

Love & Lusts

This week I'm lusting after the following...

One. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I went to see the film about a week ago because I always loved the book. It brings out the gothic romantic in me. It's dark, beautiful and I think that Jane's character is written as incredibly strong, which I find amazing for the time in which it was written. I really liked the film adaptation too, and I'd suggest to others to go and see it.
Two. Knitted Fluffy Rose Jumper from Topshop. This jumper is a little pricey for how small it is I guess but it's so cute and today I felt the autumny breezes of Brighton and I'm sure this fluffy jumper and a mug of hot chocolate would make me feel cosy and warm. Also, last year I bought a little blue cropped angora jumper with flowers on it which was expensive for how tiny it was and I still wear that now, so it's a little bit of a good investment!
Three. Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2012. I know, I know, I put them in my last weeks loves but that was a book and this is clothes, so I'm allowed to double up.  I really didn't like their Autumn/Winter collection (red faces?) but this is them doing beautiful doll like things like only they can. Dazed & Confused have really good photos of the show if you'd like to see more.
Four. Wooden Owl Necklace from Tatty Devine. It's adorable. That's all there is to say.
Five. Rose Perfume by Paul Smith. It's my favourite perfume since I couldn't find 'Floral' anymore. I'm pretty sure it's the same perfume in new packaging. It's girly, sweet and light which is perfect for in your 20's. I always feel like I'm not old or womanly enough to wear half the musky vanilla fuelled heavy perfumes that I often see. Also, I start working as a sales advisor for Fragrance next month so expect more perfume on here.
Six. Beige Drop Back Skirt from Miss Selfridge. I always feel like people don't talk about Miss Selfridge as much as say Topshop or H&M but I always think they have better clothes in there and this skirt is beautiful. I'd wear it with black as not to look like a little lost ballerina. 
Seven. Haruki Murakami's new book 1Q84. I can't give you much information because I flat out refuse to read the first chapter which is online or the blurb describing what it's about. But I want it SO badly. I've been waiting for it for ages. It's taking all my restraint not to go to Foyles just to get their limited edition version.
Eight. Brooch by Andrea Garland.  I saw this via Grazia, and you really have to look at the Grazia website to see how cool they are in real life rather than just on the website. They're rings, brooches and other things full of lip balms. I love jewellery with make up/mirrors inside. It makes sense, it's practical and beautiful.

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