Saturday, 15 October 2011

Press Here, illustrated book by Herve Tullet

I'm a huuuuge fan of illustrated books  and this utter beauty 'Press Here'  by Herve Tullet is the sweetest one I've seen in a while.
 Even though it's aimed at children, it clearly brings out the child in everyone. My 23 year old self, for instance went along with everything the book told me to do, 'press here' , 'shake here' and trying to transform the dots into different colours with a mere touch. The book manages to be interactive without being digital, like an ipad or other technological gadget. Instead, it needs you to interact and play along with it, pressing as though it's a touch screen and following the narrative until all  the colours enlargen  to ridiculous proportions and you have to start the book all over again. I really enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure it would be a good way to trick my one year old nephew into learning about colours, shapes and numbers whilst having fun.
 You can find out more about this book and others like it on AC Kids UK's facebook page or follow them on twitter for more updates and if you might also want to look at the artists website because it's particularly bright and perky.

And thanks to the lovely Tina from abrams&chronicle for sending the book over!

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