Tuesday, 15 November 2011

#1 The Handbag Project

I've started a few of the drawings for The Handbag Project now, but the first to be finished is of the lovely Lily,  writer of What I Heart Today
Featured is her favourite handbag, gorgeous Miu Miu purse, L'Occitane hand cream (which I know from experience is amazzzing), amongst all her other daily essentials. It was a pleasure to draw her as the project's #1 and if you want to follow her twitter, click here because her fashion and beauty knowledge is pretty marvellous!

Don't forget, if you want to take part, email me at natasha.nicole.w@hotmail.com


Melisa said...

Wow - that is brilliant! x

Temporary:Secretary said...

this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I love illustrations, this one is perfect x

Boscy said...

Absolutely love this! Think it would be such a super gift. Do you do commissions?


Natasha Nicole said...

I do indeeeeed. Anyone can email me if they'd like one. x

Jess said...

Wow your drawings are stunning. So talented and love your blog.x

Flara said...

great colors - always love the combination of pastel pink and blue:) wonderful:) xo