Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Beili Liu : Installation

The Mending Project, Iron scissors, Fabric, thread, needle, mixed-media, dimensions variable
Images by Christy Cochran & Blue

This morning I came across this installation from 2011 where Chinese artist Beili Liu stitched together pieces of fabric previously cut up up by visitors, whilst sitting under hundreds of suspended and downward facing scissors.  The scissors themselves represent 'distant fear' and 'looming violence'. I love the act of her sitting there, under the heavy cloud and methodically working through her stitching. It's such a calming, repetitive thing to do, and I wonder if she ever  became so engrossed that she forgot that the scissors were there or whether they were a constant stressful worry. Either way, visually and conceptually, her installation is beautiful.

Her other projects including Current, Recall and  Tie. Untie are also worth taking a look at.

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