Friday, 7 September 2012

Minimal Home Inspiration & Events Interning

I feel like I've barely written anything on here in quite some time because I've been so ridiculously busy. Between working shifts in a shop, interning at an events company, finishing illustrations for a couple of magazines, preparing work for GoFA and having a kitten that quite promptly wakes me up at 6am on the dot every morning, I've barely had any sleep or time to sit here and write. Yesterday I finished quite a few things for deadlines and only have one drawing left to complete for our Gallery of Fashion Art blog, so I can comfortably sit here tonight, read Vogue, do my nails, and not feel bad about it. 
I'm currently trying to deal with that whole work/life balance, not end up working seven days a week (not including illustration time) and stay sane and creative. I like that Pinterest finally has an app for Android, because scrolling through it on my phone is a good way to see images and get inspiration for things when I don't have time to waste on my computer (a brilliant procrastination tool of mine). Though it's hard to try and do all these things at once it has meant that I'm being trained to be able to manage the store by myself, which is a handy tool in any vocation, and have learnt how to make newsletters for the company I'm interning with. They've done some amazing looking weddings, premiers and shows that make it really fun to make newsletters and blogs out of, and researching 'Russian Glamour', when you're completely in love with all things Russian, is a pretty lovely job. I'll post some new sketches, some finished work for magazines and the exhibition soon, but in the mean time, here are some of images of gorgeous minimal interiors I've been swooning over, and some links I've been loving, lately. 

6. Shower

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