Monday, 10 September 2012

Sketching Women. Hair & Braids.

These are some half finished sketches of illustrations that I've completed for an online exhibition. Each drawing is just one part of a bigger illustration, but now that I've finished all the work I've started to love the sketches more than the finished pieces! Always the way. These photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy which accounts for the grainy, warm texture, but I think it looks better than when the paper looks as creamy white as it actually is. 

I'm thinking about setting up an Etsy store so people can just buy my original sketches. My prints and other items can be bought online here, but I'm racking up different drawings and have absolutely no where in my tiny Brighton flat, to put them. To the point where I've given some away! If I do put them up, they won't be terribly expensive because I'd rather someone who will love and look after them buy them, but if anyone is interested or has any feedback for me then feel free to email me. I like hearing from everyone.

In the mean time, stayed tuned for the exhibition. Some of the other artists work is going to be amazing too. We're all absolutely obsessssssed with fashion illustration.

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