Sunday, 19 June 2011

So far, so cute

 I'm not having the best of days today, so I thought I'd upload a few of the drawings I finished putting colour into. I've also painted my nails the colour of the paint around Brighton pier to cheer myself up though the magic isn't working yet. All the pastel colours I'm using in my pictures lately are inspired by the nail varnishes I keep wearing, Barry M do brilliantly girly ones, these two are my favourite.

Also, shoes like the Irregular Choice ones are now my absolute favourite and they have the similar overly patterned, pretty, sweet colours to them. This is one of the photos I took when outside the shop.

So these are the coloured pictures. I like the 'boys make passes at girls who wear glasses' one, but the 'pretty girls make cakes' is what I'd call my cake shop if I ever get to own one. I'd print that as a huuuuge picture on the window.

I altered a few of the pencil ones slightly too. My editing skills are terribly sub par, but I try!

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