Sunday, 11 September 2011

My 101th post

I'd already started collecting images to make a 100th post that turned into a post about sketching, so I thought I might as well finish what I started and post my image collection a little late. Basically I think that sometimes, especially if you're very image orientated, your real likes or dislikes can get lost amongst the sheer volume of images posted and I feel I've done just that this year, making my blog a little bit of a mish mash. As an intrinsically indecisive person, my likes change on a whim anyway, but the things below I think truly represent my taste. 
Therefore, if anyone's interested, these are the things I love. A little bit girly, a little bit gothic romantic and a little bit literary.
Note that since I love art so much I've neglected to put in all my favourites as we'd be here forever, so instead I'll do smaller posts on specific artists instead.

Note, images are not my own unless specified.

1 comment:

Veronika said...

Very nice collection and very nicely put together :)
I think I know what you mean about having so many inspirational images and so many things that you love and save in your folders that you can almost get lost in them, I think I might have to write a post on this soon :)