Monday, 12 September 2011

Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2012

Anyone who knows me will know I LOVE Victoria Beckham. Firstly, she was the posh Spice Girl, which obviously makes her the best, secondly whenever I've seen her on a programme or speaking somewhere, she's incredibly witty, funny and doesn't take herself half as seriously as people sometimes assume, and thirdly, no matter what you say, that woman has incredible style.
I loved her clothes as soon as she started designing them but I know there was quite a lot of criticism initially about her creative abilities and whether she'd be able to break into the already full fashion market. However, I defy any girl to not love her lower priced (still expensive mind, but save worthy) Spring/Summer 2012 collection.This year she's taken her inspiration from the mini goth cartoon character Emily The Strange. Apparently one of the prints is called 'Victoria Cat' and another 'Cutey Cat' and some of the others feature moons and clouds. 
Sounds darkly adorable. 
These are just a few of the pre release 'sneak preview' photos of her dresses but if you follow @THELOVEMAGAZINE then you can see some of the new prints as they're photographing and tweeting them. 

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