Thursday, 1 September 2011

Turps Mag

Hello lovelieeeees. 
This morning I got sent issues #4, #5 and #6 of Turps Mag.
One of my drawings of an owl is in the most recent issue. Eveeeen though they spelt my surname wrong. Most people would probably find that a little irritating but trust me I have built up quite a resilience to my name being constantly spelt or pronounced wrong so I think I'm just going to drop my surname on everything and put everything under Natasha Nicole from now on.
Much more simple ;)

Anyway, you can pick one up at any of these places,
Heaton Arts Festival ,The Tyne Bar, The Cumberland, The Cluny, The Ship, The Tanners, Star + Shadow, Kings Manor, Free Trade Inn, Head of Steam, Tillys, Beatdown Records, Steel Wheels, RPM, Northumberland Arms, Low Lights Tavern, Pure Gallery, Northside Tattooz, Travelling Man, Butterfly Cabinet, Jack Sprats, Cock a Snook, Heaton Perk, Chillingham Arms, Newcastle College: Mandela Building, Northumbria Uni: Squires, First Avenue Studios
OR, you can send them an envelope and a stamp and they'll send one to you.

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