Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I found this little online shop OBJECT recently and it's full of things I can and can't afford, want a little, want a lot, or would die to have (see upright Grand Piano). Everything is fresh and minimal with muted tones and flashes of gold, wood or jet black. My specific loves are featured above, specifically the Maison Martin Marigela magnifying glass, I have brilliant eyesight but those half broken, folded down glasses are pretty beautiful. And although I definitely don't have a minimally gorgeous flat to house it (mines more Brighton shabby-trying-to-be-chic), the geometric, Spica Light is the kind of thing I wish I could own.

From top to bottom.

Porcelain bowl with gold luster detail by Aleksandra Pollner // FUTAGAMI Kami Mug Cup (made from wood, shaped by hand) // Spica Light by Iacoli & McAllister // Lacie USB Drive (for a key chain or a necklace) // Fruitsuper Design SBiR Silicone Rings // Maison Martin Marigela magnifying glass // Dot/Dash Pendant lamp by Erich Ginder Studio // CHADHAUS Anchor Coffee Table

All items can be found online in the OBJECT shop.

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